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Plan “B” – Tips on How to Get a Job without a College Degree

As the cost of a college degree soars, you might need a “Plan B” to find a good job. Your options depend on how much experience you gain and how hard you’re willing to work.

You will need:

-An employment counselor

- A targeted resume

- Interviewing skills

- Personal contacts

- An apprenticeship

Networking skills (optional)

Step 1: Find an employment counselor. 

Determine your goals and learn about the market.  Tip: Be willing to start at the bottom.

Step 2: Research professions. 

Research job openings and focus on advertised requirements. Create a resume listing your accomplishments and qualities that match what employers want.

Tip:  If you have no real work experience, create a “skills” only resume.

Step 3: Request informational interviews. 

Request informational interviews to get known and learn what is expected to be successful in their field.  Ask your friends for contacts they might have.
 Tip:  Networking is a great way to get a job.

Step 4: Apprentice yourself. 

Apprentice yourself to a tradesman, working for low wages or for free to learn skills in a field, and earn the trust that leads to referrals when opportunity knocks.

Tip: Attitude is critical. Have a strong work ethic.

Step 5: Work your way up. 

Choose industries that will allow you to work your way into management,  manufacturing, sales, construction, veteranarian, health and transportation.

Tip:  Health and Transportation are two of the leading job areas for the future.

Step 6: Get certified. 

Take certification courses to be licensed in a field where you can later rise into management based on work performance and experience.

 Tip:  In many cases, you can work while you get your certification.


PSYCH YOURSELF RICH, Mindset Book for Young Entrepreneurs

Author and Entrepreneur,    Farnoosh Torabi




PSYCH YOURSELF RICH, is about a lot more than just positive thinking, but it is about mindset. What part does mindset play in an entrepreneur’s financial life?

Mindset is critical. In general entrepreneurs may need to be a bit more hands-on and forward-thinking with their finances than others, simply because they can’t count on a consistent paycheck. Entrepreneurs also need to embrace a bit more risk in order to succeed professionally and financially. A 2009 academic study found entrepreneurs, as opposed to corporate managers, engaged in more modest rule breaking as children.  Since an early age you’ve probably become pretty comfortable with challenging convention. You probably know what it’s like to be sent to the principal’s office. You’ve had some practice developing, articulating and following through on your convictions. In Psych Yourself Rich, she calls this “breaking from the norm,” and it’s a fine – and often fruitful – habit to get into in life, whether one has entrepreneurial aspirations or not.

The greatest risk of all for most entrepreneurs, unmistakably, the financial risk. The threat may be that you never shore up enough money to properly invest in the business or that you never reach profitability, despite your time, good intentions, investments and deals.  The book includes key steps to help you control and combat financial risks.


Music Conservatory of Westchester – Performances, Programs and Music Therapy

Recently, the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, New York, held a contest to showcase young artistic musicians.  The performances were breathtaking.  The musicians were 18 years and younger.  From the auditions, twelve outstanding individual performances or groups of musicians in duets and/or quartets will be chosen to play in a concert on April 9th.

The Music Conservatory of Westchester offers Music Therapy Prgrams working individuals as well as with small groups for over 2,000 children and adults each year.  When appropriate, adapted instruction is taught by music therapists in piano, perucssion, guitar and voice.  The Institute Director will provide an intial interview at no cost.

If you feel you are musically inclined and would like to grow in an area, this may be an option.

Music Conservatory of Westchester, 216 Central Avenue, White Plains, NY –


914 761 3900


Lemonade Day – Teens Get a Start on Summer Businesses

“The lemonade stand is no longer a pastime for some teens this summer” states a Wall Street Journal article of March 16th, 2011.  It’s a profit center!  An estimated 120,000 kids in 31 cities are expected to attend one-day entrepreneur-training events in May called “Lemonade Day”.  The program was launched in 2007 by Michael Holthouse, a Houston philanthropist.  The program teaches children and teens how to borrow and repay investors who help start their stands, and what to do with the profit including donating to charity.

With summer nearly here, an increasing number of high-schoolers around the country are preparing to launch their own start-ups – not just for lemonade stands.  The creative ideas include lawn-mowing businesses, hand-painting of teenis shoes, helping people pack for their move and computer repairs.  Teens are getting a jump on earning their own mad money and saving for goals they have.

“If you can’t get a job, you can create your own. “  Read more on


Deli Owner, Lou Iacomini – Success without a College Degree

Lou Iacomini owns an idyllic country deli in South Salem called Nico’s Italian Deli. Lou lives locally with his lovely wife, Linda and their two sons. His sons are being educated by the finest school systems in the country. It was quite a different story when Lou was growing up. He remembers growing up in a railroad flat in the basement of a five-story building. He was very poor and he always envied the kids at the end of Linden Street on Park Hill Avenue.

Worked in a Deli as a Teen

Lou had worked in a deli from the time he was thirteen until he was eighteen. There was never a thought about college because his family just could not afford it. He worked all of his spare time, as his income was necessary for the family to survive. He was always able to put aside as savings for himself and occasionally spent money for dates with his girlfriend, Linda. The man he worked for was quite verbally abusive but since he needed money, he didn’t know what else to do at the time.

Vowed Never to Work for Anyone Else

After working four full years for this man, Lou became sick. He had to say home for a week and when he returned to work, the man told him he longer had a job. It was the best thing that ever happened to Lou. Although he couldn’t believe his bad luck at the time, he made a vow to himself that he would do everything in his power to never work for another person. His determination proved to be a blessing in disguise.

Determination Paid Off

Although there were some trials and tribulations along the way, Lou discovered a huge garage not more than three miles from where they were living in Yonkers. They talked to the landlord and he and his brother, Anthony, agreed to rent the space. Eventually the neighborhood went south. After two years they sold their business. Almost simultaneously, they heard of an available space in South Salem through Linda’s contact. .The timing was right so they took the money from one business and started the other. They have been running their popular deli for approximately sixteen years. Visit their deli on Route 123, Smith Ridge Road in South Salem, New York.


- Follow your intuition
- Treasure your independence
- Set aside savings, no matter what you are making

Andy Rice – NYPD Detective – Success without a College Degree

Andy Rice is a successful Police Detective who works in the Department of Environmental Protection protecting water systems for New York City.  He makes sure the reservoirs, aqueducts and dams are secured and protected.  He has had to deal with murders as well as the deaths of distraught people jumping off dams.  “Fortunately,” Andy says,  “suicides have reduced even though the economy has declined.”  In addition, Andy  works in the field of  counter terrorism for the NYPD Intelligence Unit.

Andy Tried Many Jobs

Andy did not always do so well.  He just eked out of high school and did not have much interest in being there.  As a result, he floundered when he graduated from high school and took on many jobs before he joined the Police Force.  Some of them he liked, some he did not.  They included painter, truck driver, laborer, employee at Motor Vehicles, sheet metal worker, hospital porter, lumberyard worker and mailroom in a mortgage company.  One of the things he did love to do was play his guitar and sing!

Andy Got Serious

Once Andy learned he was going to be a father, he got serious about making a solid income.  It was then he took the test to join the Police Force.  Andy said his success is partly due to his willingness to take orders and align himself with the military methods of operation.  He salutes his superiors, dresses in a uniformed way which is checked at inspections, keeps his vehicle in tip top shape and acts respectful of his fellow officers.  He has been put to the task of thinking on his feet on many occasions.  It has been critical to his survival.

Second Career on the Horizon

Andy is working toward having a second career in singing and playing his guitar or having his own business once he retires from the Police Force.


-       Get a tutor for the test

-       Have realistic expectations, the job requires more paperwork than action

-       After  completing the Police Academy, you receive numerous credits toward

a college degree

How to Become a Police Officer without a Degree

Claudia Fox Video, Cablevision Show – Careers without College

Click video to the right to hear Claudia Fox on her White Plains TV cablevision show talk about her success without a college degree as she interviews three successes from her book “Degrees of Success”.  Click on “Degrees of Success” book cover to go to Claudia’s website for more information.

Gym’s Owner Trains Prestigious Client – Martha Stewart

Gym’s owner Trains Prestigious Client, Martha Stewart

Although The Gym at Body Fit’s owners are a husband wife team, Mike Tedesco says, “Mary is the fitness guru!”  Their beautiful new state-of-the-art gym has moved two doors down from their eight year “Body Fit Personal Training” center in Cross River, N.Y.  Mike runs the gym while Mary trains, brushes up on the latest techniques and runs a blog.  As a result of her incredible ability to get results, Mary landed a prize client, Martha Stewart!  Martha even invites Mary on her television show from time to time.

You Can Become a Certified Trainer without a College Degree

Although both Mary and Mike are college educated, Mike says there is an alternate way to become a trainer.  If you have a passion to train people in fitness, you must be certified.  Mike recommends Step One:  Take Adult Education classes in anatomy, science, exercise and physiology.  Step Two:  Get a job at a large sports club, like New York Sports Club.  Although you do not have a college degree, you can work your way up the ladder to success.  The training for certification can be found at either American Council on Exercise (ACE) at or American Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AAFA) at

“Gym at Body Fit” Trains You for a Long Happy Healthy Life!

The Gym at Body Fit’s state of the art equipment includes Polar Software programs that determine your physical fitness. Testing gives a starting point and a point in the future to measure your progress.  They have a nutritionist on board, as they believe you can’t have fitness without the proper nutrition.

They look at the body as a whole.  Once you are evaluated they come up with a plan, a prescription for good health.  We “kick-butt”, says Mike, “We want you to live a long happy life!”  Their prices are surprisingly affordable and you can find them at in Cross River, New York.

If you do not have a college degree nor plan to get one, you can follow this rewarding plan to become a certified trainer.


-      Take Adult Education classes

-      Work your way up the ladder at a large sports club

-      Get certified through ACE or AAFA

Turned Love of Cars into a Career – Top Paying Jobs without a Degree

Christina DePinto is a hard working dynamic young woman who turned her love for cars into a fabulous career, which proves there are top paying careers without a college degree. Although when she graduated from high school, her short attempt at college did not prove unsuccessful, Christina juggled her full-time job at Lexus of Mt. Kisco car dealership to get her Associate’s degree.  Christina attributes a lot of her desire for education to a self-motivation but more specifically to Lexus for boosting her self-esteem, being flexible and providing an income to pay for her degree.  She will start back to school again in the fall to get her Bachelor’s degree.

Love of Cars in her DNA

Although Christina’s mother and father divorced when she was three, her mother worked two jobs to make sure she had a happy childhood.  She did not live with her father and brothers but they are all talented mechanics.  She learned to work hard and had cars in her DNA.  Even her fiancé’ (described in glowing terms) is a master mechanic although he does not use these skills for his career.

Lexus Cares About Their Employees

When Christina started at Lexus of Mt.  Kisco, she did not know that she had the potential to make a great income.  She did not have a college degree and lacked confidence. She discovered the possibilities along the way.  “Lexus management takes excellent care of their employees.” says Christina, “They are not just interested in what I do on the job, they care about me as a whole person; what is going on in my life, my family and my health!”  It’s a trickle down effect; as a result of Christina feeling taken care of, she in turn wants to take special care of her clients.  As a result of her good work ethic and positive attitude, in spite of no college degree, Christina has received many awards in her three years at Lexus.  In fact, she has even had many job offers from other companies, but always chooses Lexus above all others because of the way they treat her.

Singing as a Hobby

Christina has a special talent for singing.  Right now it’s her hobby but she hopes some day to make her mark in the world in the music arena.


-       Find a job where you have the ability to grow and move up

-       Find a company that is known for treating their employees well