Bicycle World Mt. Kisco NY Jobs, College Degree Not Necessary

Bicycle World - Jobs Available College Degree Not Necessary

In speaking with one of the owners, Ilene Marcos, at “Bicycle World” located at 7 E. Main Street in Mt. Kisco, NY, she said she promotes people for their skills and hard work, not whether or not they have a college degree.  In fact, their present manager started part-time as a high school sophmore and worked his way up the ladder in a job without college.   Obviously they are very happy with his performance!

Full-time Positions Available

They are currently looking for two positions which they plan to have filled by March 1, 2011:  1) Full-time year round qualified bicycle sales assistant with one year experience in the bike business as well as 2) Full time year round qualified front counter sales assistant.  Mrs. Marcos looks for mechanical ability, retail experience and customer service skills.  She said, “You need to be able to work with people, and that is far more important than a degree”.

Great Benefits

Full time employees are eligible for paid holidays, health insurance and a 401K pension plan.  Contact Ilene or Eric at 914 666 4044 if you are interested.

Discover Your Passion for Long Term Success

By working with a shop of this size, you will develop many skills including relationship building, inventory and money management skills.  And the job will take on an even more exciting dimension if you have a passion for road or mountain biking.  A  job without college can lead to some special aspect of your interests like designing new equipment or attire, starting a bike club, bike travel trips etc . . .  put your thinking caps on.


- Open your mind to find the gems of knowledge within the job

- Let go of whether or not your have a college degree

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