Gym’s Owner Trains Prestigious Client – Martha Stewart

Gym’s owner Trains Prestigious Client, Martha Stewart

Although The Gym at Body Fit’s owners are a husband wife team, Mike Tedesco says, “Mary is the fitness guru!”  Their beautiful new state-of-the-art gym has moved two doors down from their eight year “Body Fit Personal Training” center in Cross River, N.Y.  Mike runs the gym while Mary trains, brushes up on the latest techniques and runs a blog.  As a result of her incredible ability to get results, Mary landed a prize client, Martha Stewart!  Martha even invites Mary on her television show from time to time.

You Can Become a Certified Trainer without a College Degree

Although both Mary and Mike are college educated, Mike says there is an alternate way to become a trainer.  If you have a passion to train people in fitness, you must be certified.  Mike recommends Step One:  Take Adult Education classes in anatomy, science, exercise and physiology.  Step Two:  Get a job at a large sports club, like New York Sports Club.  Although you do not have a college degree, you can work your way up the ladder to success.  The training for certification can be found at either American Council on Exercise (ACE) at or American Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AAFA) at

“Gym at Body Fit” Trains You for a Long Happy Healthy Life!

The Gym at Body Fit’s state of the art equipment includes Polar Software programs that determine your physical fitness. Testing gives a starting point and a point in the future to measure your progress.  They have a nutritionist on board, as they believe you can’t have fitness without the proper nutrition.

They look at the body as a whole.  Once you are evaluated they come up with a plan, a prescription for good health.  We “kick-butt”, says Mike, “We want you to live a long happy life!”  Their prices are surprisingly affordable and you can find them at in Cross River, New York.

If you do not have a college degree nor plan to get one, you can follow this rewarding plan to become a certified trainer.


-      Take Adult Education classes

-      Work your way up the ladder at a large sports club

-      Get certified through ACE or AAFA

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