Andy Rice – NYPD Detective – Success without a College Degree

Andy Rice is a successful Police Detective who works in the Department of Environmental Protection protecting water systems for New York City.  He makes sure the reservoirs, aqueducts and dams are secured and protected.  He has had to deal with murders as well as the deaths of distraught people jumping off dams.  “Fortunately,” Andy says,  “suicides have reduced even though the economy has declined.”  In addition, Andy  works in the field of  counter terrorism for the NYPD Intelligence Unit.

Andy Tried Many Jobs

Andy did not always do so well.  He just eked out of high school and did not have much interest in being there.  As a result, he floundered when he graduated from high school and took on many jobs before he joined the Police Force.  Some of them he liked, some he did not.  They included painter, truck driver, laborer, employee at Motor Vehicles, sheet metal worker, hospital porter, lumberyard worker and mailroom in a mortgage company.  One of the things he did love to do was play his guitar and sing!

Andy Got Serious

Once Andy learned he was going to be a father, he got serious about making a solid income.  It was then he took the test to join the Police Force.  Andy said his success is partly due to his willingness to take orders and align himself with the military methods of operation.  He salutes his superiors, dresses in a uniformed way which is checked at inspections, keeps his vehicle in tip top shape and acts respectful of his fellow officers.  He has been put to the task of thinking on his feet on many occasions.  It has been critical to his survival.

Second Career on the Horizon

Andy is working toward having a second career in singing and playing his guitar or having his own business once he retires from the Police Force.


-       Get a tutor for the test

-       Have realistic expectations, the job requires more paperwork than action

-       After  completing the Police Academy, you receive numerous credits toward

a college degree

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