Billy’s Of Mount Kisco – No College Degree Necessary

As a teenager, Billy had an interest in fast cars and worked as an auto mechanic for a heating oil company.  About a year out of high school the salon atmosphere caught his interest.  When he walked into a salon, he saw it was full of nicely dressed people working to popular music.  The glamour of the industry definitely played a large part in attracting him to the hair business.  It was a time of change in the hair industry and cutting edge techniques were surfacing.  Men were also starting to gain a more prevalent role in both working and attending salons.  Once Billy got involved, he realized his hands were much happier in a head of hair than underneath a car!  Billy attended Cosmetology School and graduated.  He got a job in a Westchester salon, assisting and began getting hands-on knowledge.    When he was not working on live people, he was setting wigs for practice.

Billy Opens Hair Salon at Age 23

When he was only 23 years old, Billy decided to open his own salon.  He had worked for someone else for several years and felt that he had learned enough so that he could be successful building his own clientele base.  He started with one person, himself!  He now has over 25 employees.  He has been in the business for 31 years and has a very prestigious shop in Mt. Kisco, NY.

Billy Says “Good Attitude” Important

Billy says, “I encounter new obstacles every day.  Overcoming then helps me to grow as a person, to the point where big obstacles feel fairly routine.   I am successful because I have had the willingness to learn and evolve.   Hairdressing is a career that involves constant building of  skills and adapting to new techniques that allow you to keep pace with the changing styles.  A good attitude is key because you are working with people all day.”

Billy Has Hands-on Approach to Training

Billy has many positions in his hair salon which include starting positions where Billy takes a hands-on approach to making sure His employees are learning what they are supposed to learn.  Billy is down to earth and easy to talk to.  Positions include:  Receptionist, Hair Cutter, Hair Washer, Colorists.  You can view Billy’s website at


- Find a job where your talents fit

- Come to the career with an attitude for learning & flexibility

- Always have a great attitude

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