Deli Owner, Lou Iacomini – Success without a College Degree

Lou Iacomini owns an idyllic country deli in South Salem called Nico’s Italian Deli. Lou lives locally with his lovely wife, Linda and their two sons. His sons are being educated by the finest school systems in the country. It was quite a different story when Lou was growing up. He remembers growing up in a railroad flat in the basement of a five-story building. He was very poor and he always envied the kids at the end of Linden Street on Park Hill Avenue.

Worked in a Deli as a Teen

Lou had worked in a deli from the time he was thirteen until he was eighteen. There was never a thought about college because his family just could not afford it. He worked all of his spare time, as his income was necessary for the family to survive. He was always able to put aside as savings for himself and occasionally spent money for dates with his girlfriend, Linda. The man he worked for was quite verbally abusive but since he needed money, he didn’t know what else to do at the time.

Vowed Never to Work for Anyone Else

After working four full years for this man, Lou became sick. He had to say home for a week and when he returned to work, the man told him he longer had a job. It was the best thing that ever happened to Lou. Although he couldn’t believe his bad luck at the time, he made a vow to himself that he would do everything in his power to never work for another person. His determination proved to be a blessing in disguise.

Determination Paid Off

Although there were some trials and tribulations along the way, Lou discovered a huge garage not more than three miles from where they were living in Yonkers. They talked to the landlord and he and his brother, Anthony, agreed to rent the space. Eventually the neighborhood went south. After two years they sold their business. Almost simultaneously, they heard of an available space in South Salem through Linda’s contact. .The timing was right so they took the money from one business and started the other. They have been running their popular deli for approximately sixteen years. Visit their deli on Route 123, Smith Ridge Road in South Salem, New York.


- Follow your intuition
- Treasure your independence
- Set aside savings, no matter what you are making

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