Nicole Levine – Founder of “Home Clean Home” – Business Opportunities

Starting with humble beginnings in her native land of Israel, Nicole Levine was one of 6 siblings. She moved to Brooklyn with her husband, enrolled in early childhood education classes at Kingsborough Community College and had two children. Circumstances changed when she found herself divorced, primary caregiver and supporter to her son and daughter. With no active income Nicole began to teach, and to supplement that income she sold advertising door-to-door for the yellow pages and started cleaning homes and offices at night with her kids in tow to help make ends meet.

Struggled with Three Jobs – Created “Home Clean Home”

Nicole was determined not to continue struggling with three jobs and being a single mother. With her experience, ingenuity, and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit Nicole created a business model for a successful start-up Brooklyn based cleaning company called Home Clean Home. With an ever-growing vision for excellence and environmental awareness Home Clean Home now has more than 60 employees who clean offices and homes using Home Clean Home’s line of all natural products. The company’s strong growth has been fueled by its cleaning contracts with government agencies that provide services for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. Just this past year the prestigious NY Enterprise Report selected Home Clean Home as “Best Practice Finalist for customer service” and over the past four years the US Local Business Association has rated Home Clean Home the #1 cleaning company in Brooklyn. Nicole credits this distinction to the teamwork and dedication of her office staff and employees.

Created BedBug911 Company

In 2005 when New York was unfortunately reintroduced to bedbugs Nicole saw the need to further help her customers with this growing and menacing problem and founded BedBug911. Through Home Clean Home and BedBug911 Nicole offered comprehensive cleaning solutions and bedbug eradication. And like with Home Clean Home, BedBug911 developed an extensive and groundbreaking enzyme-based line of products that are made in the US, exterminates bedbugs, green-based, all natural, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Green-based Product Lines Added

Nicole’s passion for her family and world travel (fluent in four languages) is rivaled only by the desire to continue to grow her companies and green-based product lines to help New Yorkers at large and her client base in particular. Still other enterprises and related products are in development as Nicole’s American Dream continues to evolve.


Nicole was recently awarded “Businesswoman of the Year” at the 2011 New Independent Democrats Annual Awards. She is listed in Cambridge Who’s Who.


-Use adversity to propel yourself forward

-Don’t let obstacles get you down

-Continue to learn and add to your company as times permit



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