Turned Love of Cars into a Career – Top Paying Jobs without a Degree

Christina DePinto is a hard working dynamic young woman who turned her love for cars into a fabulous career, which proves there are top paying careers without a college degree. Although when she graduated from high school, her short attempt at college did not prove unsuccessful, Christina juggled her full-time job at Lexus of Mt. Kisco car dealership to get her Associate’s degree.  Christina attributes a lot of her desire for education to a self-motivation but more specifically to Lexus for boosting her self-esteem, being flexible and providing an income to pay for her degree.  She will start back to school again in the fall to get her Bachelor’s degree.

Love of Cars in her DNA

Although Christina’s mother and father divorced when she was three, her mother worked two jobs to make sure she had a happy childhood.  She did not live with her father and brothers but they are all talented mechanics.  She learned to work hard and had cars in her DNA.  Even her fiancé’ (described in glowing terms) is a master mechanic although he does not use these skills for his career.

Lexus Cares About Their Employees

When Christina started at Lexus of Mt.  Kisco, she did not know that she had the potential to make a great income.  She did not have a college degree and lacked confidence. She discovered the possibilities along the way.  “Lexus management takes excellent care of their employees.” says Christina, “They are not just interested in what I do on the job, they care about me as a whole person; what is going on in my life, my family and my health!”  It’s a trickle down effect; as a result of Christina feeling taken care of, she in turn wants to take special care of her clients.  As a result of her good work ethic and positive attitude, in spite of no college degree, Christina has received many awards in her three years at Lexus.  In fact, she has even had many job offers from other companies, but always chooses Lexus above all others because of the way they treat her.

Singing as a Hobby

Christina has a special talent for singing.  Right now it’s her hobby but she hopes some day to make her mark in the world in the music arena.


-       Find a job where you have the ability to grow and move up

-       Find a company that is known for treating their employees well

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