George Naddaff, Founder of Boston Chicken and UFood Grill – Starting a Business

George Naddaff, founder of Boston Chicken and UFood Grill. Never attended college. As he put it, “School and I did not work out. So at age 17 and a half, I joined the Army.” And, when he got out of the Army, his dad said if you’re not going to college, you get a job. He did. The next day.

Chief Executive Officer

George A. Naddaff has been Chief Executive Officer of UFood Restaurant Group, Inc. since September 2007. Mr. Naddaff has extensive restaurant and franchising experience. Mr. Naddaff has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ranch 1, Inc. which has operated a chain of sandwich shops since November 1997.


-Sometimes you just have to take ANY action to move ahead

-If you family and friends say “Get a Job”, it’s time to listen

-Your future will unfold as you take actions



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