Malcolm Pray, The Pray Achievement Center, Entrepreneur

“In 1939, when I was eleven years old, I went to the New York World’s Fair, and saw a Delahaye at the French Pavillion.  This was a moment that changed my life – for I wanted that car more than anything.  In 1964 I bought that very car, which gave birth to the Pray Automobile Collection.

The Pray Automobile Collection is comprised of a wide variety of automobiles, covering a span of one hundred years.  It is a very unusual museum in that not only do I allow student visitors to touch these rolling works of art, but I encourage my young guests to choose a car to sit in, and envision ownership.  Mypurpose is to create the same desire that I had as a teenage to own the Delahaye.

I have shown my automobiles at car shows and Concours d’Elegance events since 1994 where they have won awards and ribbons.  My most rewarding experience is to see the faces of my visitors when they sit behind the wheel of the car that they choose.  My hope is that this will inspire them to do well in school and think about a career, and to be successful in life.”

Malcolm Pray owned and operated Pray Volkswagen and Pray Porsche in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Advice to young entrepreneurs:  Create a vision for your life out of something you wish you could have and go after your dream!



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